Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sacramento PKD Walk and a Family Emergency

Well, where to start......

My family had planned to attend the Sacramento PKD Walk and did raise funds for research. However, we never did make it to the Walk.

My son Michael plays Goalie for his Soccer Team. During Saturday’s game, he dove for the ball at the same time several other members were running for it. Not completely sure whether he was kicked in the process or as the team members collided and fell if someone didn't land on him, but the end result was a skull fracture.

We had a very scary weekend. Immediately following the injury, he went into a Grand mal seizure, experienced a loss of consciousness, and then a loss of vision. An ambulance strapped him to a board and transported him to a local trauma center. After an initial CT Scan of his brain revealed the skull fracture and possible bleeding on the brain, he was transported to Children's Hospital in Oakland Ca where a pediatric neurosurgeon was called and waiting for his arrival. They did another CT Scan and decided the bleeding appeared to have stopped and surgery may not be necessary. He was placed in ICU for observation for 48 hours. We thought he would be released on Monday avoiding surgery only to have the neurosurgeon discover some possible damage to his neck. A MRI and a 3rd CT Scan was reviewed by a special team that decided surgery may be avoidable so long as he wears a special neck brace. They finally released him to go home tonight (Tuesday, September 23) with a series of medical appointments for follow-up

Obviously we missed the Walk....maybe next year???


Bob said...

I'll be praying that all works out for Michael.

Anonymous said...

Oh Gosh!!! I hope that Michael heals quickly and that he will be as good as new very soon. I'm so sorry that he, and your whole family, have to go through this. I'm keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.

Julia said...

I am so sorry to hear this...I hope his recovery goes well.

Sorry you missed the walk! Have you thought about having your own little walk as family/friends?