Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Keeping Up with your Health

Am I the only one out there that seems to have trouble keeping up with the important things in life?

I seem to make time to keep up with everything except my health....the most important thing of all. Without good health, everything else would slide.

I received blood test orders and paperwork for my anual ultrasound and mamogram back in June and I still have not even made an appointment.

I will make a point to get these scheduled.


Daniel said...

Great post, Margaret. My name is Daniel and I work at the PKD Foundation. I think you hit the nail on the head with your comment about making time for everything but one's health. Good health is something people often take for granted.

Keep the up the great blog and feel welcome to contact the PKD Foundation or myself personally ( if you have any questions/concern/suggestions.

New to PKD said...

Ok, I am guilty of prograstination. It took me until January 2010 to finally get my ultrasound and lab work done, but at least I did finally get it done.

Lab work was good. They did request that I monitor my blood sugar monthly to be sure that it is stabalized.

Ultrasound showed some growth in the septated cyst in my right kidney, so my nephrologist is requesting that I repeat it again in 6 months to confirm that it is infact benign, and not showing signs of cancer.

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